Update on Rob


Sorry I haven't posted anything recently. Work has been really busy the last month (always a good thing!) and several exciting things have been taking place.

The main thing is that I'm moving into Manhattan in the next few weeks. This will be a huge move for me and is both terrifying and exciting. For those not familiar with renting in The City, you basically have to move at 100mph to secure something and my roommate and I have been visiting more places than we can remember. We haven't locked in something for sure but we've got our eyes set on a few. We should be moving in in the beginning of January. We've spent a good amount of time hunting and it's probably been the chief reason that I haven't been able to blog much.

I have some ideas for exciting posts that I think you will enjoy, however, and with the holidays coming up, I should have some time to wirte them.

Enjoy whatever it is you do during the holidays and get excited for what's ahead next year.